Meet Your New Best Friends

Meet Sadie, Sophie & Sasha
Meet Sadie, Sophie & SashaDames
Three of our lovely Havanese ladies, when they were pups.
Meet Sami
Meet SamiDame
This little Havanese girl loves people.
He is a lovely Havanese boy.

Heidi’s Angels Havanese Puppies offer everything

It is no coincidence that Havanese are incredibly sociable and loyal dogs. They were originally specifically bred for the Cuban aristocracy to have the perfect temperament and loving nature. This of course makes them just perfect for families and individuals alike. They are highly intelligent and easily trained, in fact they are often referred to as circus dogs because of how well they respond to training. Havanese dogs are sometimes referred to by other names, such as “Havana silk dog”, and “Bichon Havanese”. Although they are a smaller breed of dog, they have the energy of a much larger dog, and they love to go for long walks and play active games.

  • Did you know Charles Dickens owned a Havanese!
  • A very fashionable but fairly rare breed
  • Bred with great care and love resulting in a confident and loving animal
  • By the way Queen Victoria owned a Havanese
  • More recently Serena Williams also bought one…
  • Did you know Havanese are hypoallergenic

Raised and loved in the home

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Heidi's Angels Havanese make the perfect companion!

Intelligent, Sociable, Loyal, easy to obedience train, you will fall in love with our little Havanese Puppies!
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